Tips For Food Diary

Here are some general food diary tips to make sure they work for you and are as easy to use as possible:

• Don't change your eating habits while you're keeping your food diary.
• Be honest and write everything down.
• Keep your diary with you at all times
• Use the KISS Principle and keep it simple.
• The nutrition information you record (kilojoules, etc) doesn't need to be accurate to the hundredth percentile, just accurate enough to be helpful.
• Wait until the end of the day to add up your totals.
• Draw up a page that lists the foods you eat most often and refer to it each time you record those foods.
• For the most accurate results, use the nutritional information panel on the packaging of the foods you eat.
• If you are generally satisfied with the day's food intake, give yourself a mental pat on the back and relish the day's accomplishment.
• If you feel disappointed in what you read, remind yourself that it is only one day in a lifetime of thousands of days. Forgive yourself and start over.
• Analyze what you eat and make the necessary changes.
• Start recording today.
• If you need help, visit a registered dietitian or weight loss professional.