Pitta people are generally quite well-balanced, well-proportioned, rounded, admired by all, but they can suddenly become passionately focused and intense. At its most extreme this tendency leads to a high degree of intolerance and irritability. Consequently pitta types should keep well away from any foods that are known to be hot and spicy, and which might inflame them, and concentrate on meals inflame them and concentrate on meals  that promote their more soothing side.

Elements : fire and water.
Climate : hot and moist.
Principle : transformation. Em 0 t ion s: hate, anger, resen intolerance, impatience, irritability. indignation, jealousy, good humour, intelligence, alertness, open warm-heartedness.
Systems most affected by excess pitta : skin, metabolism. small intestines, eyes, liver, hair on
the head.
Symptoms of excess pitta: skin disorders, acidity, sun-sensitivity, premature degrees of hair loss or loss hair colour, outbreaks of diarrhoea.

The pitta body type is usually of average build and nicely proportioned. Pittas like food and have a healthy appetite. The hair is usually straight, fine and fai~ though dark-haired people can also be pitta types. People with red hair will automatically have some level of pitta within their nature. Like the fire element, their temperament can be quite intense, and when it manifests itself in excess this can lead to marked intolerance.
Pitta skin will have a tendency to be sensitive to the sun, and pitta types will need to be very careful how much time they spend in direct sunlight. The fiery nature of the sun will sometimes inflame the pitta person, leading to skin rashes, freckles and sunburn. Cool showers, cool environments and plenty of long cooling drinks (but not ice-cold ones) will help to alleviate any high temperatures and calm down pitta types.
People of this nature can be impatient, having highly active and alert minds. However pitta people can also have a very good sense of humour and a warm personality.

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