Ayurveda and its Origin

What is Ayurveda ?

It may be little known and remarkably few people seem to have heard of it – but ayurveda is a highly respected, highly revered ancient form of learning which has an amazing amount to teach us.  It brings peace of body and mind, important ways of seeing the world and your own place in the scheme of things, and highly practical, sensible ideas when it comes to medicine, dietand ways of staying calm and relaxed

The Orgins of Ayurveda

The Origins of Ayurveda are uncertain. It is recounted that thousands of years ago, men of wisdom or rishis (meaning seers) as they are known in India, were saddened by the suffering of humanityThey knew that ill health and short lives allowed man little time to consider his spirituality and to commune with the divine - with God.
In the Himalayan mountains they prayed hard and meditated together; calling upon God to help them to relieve the plight of man, and God felt moved by compassion and gave them the essential teachings that would enlighten them in the ways of healing illness,
and thereby alleviate and remove all suffering on the earth.

It is believed that these teachings are the Vedas, although this cannot be proven, due to the lack of historical records. A book called the Atharva Veda was one of the first detailed accounts of the system. From this, and perhaps other ancient writings, came

The beginnings of Ayurvedic medicine which has developed changed and absorbed many other influences over hundreds of years to become what it is today.  Due to the invasions of India over the years and the subsequent suppression if many original Indian ways of life, several ancient texts have been lost or even destroyed, but enough have survived to ensure the active continuation of these highly valued greatly respected teachings.

Ayurveda is now acknowledged as the traditional healing system of India.  It comes from two Sanskrit words, ayur, Meaning “life” and veda meaning “knowing” and can be interpreted as meaning the “Science of Life”.  The oldest healing system to remain intact, it is very comprehensive and has influenced many healing systems around the world

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